UV Bulbs


Ultravation® UltraMAX™ EZUV Signature Series -- More efficient, more UV, Smarter Technology

An UltraMAX™ EZUV™ Signature Series air treatment system combines our proven T3™ energy saving efficiency with an all new ESP3™ electronic Smart-Power supply for the most value ever in UV.

  • Lifetime system warranty
  • Two-year lamp life / one-year lamp warranty
  • Auto lamp shut-off at end of lamp life
  • Lamp-out warning with reset-able audible alarm
  • Two-lamp option
  • More UV with less power consumed
  • Increases HVAC efficiency
  • 12" or 17 lamp(s)
  • UV Shield
  • EZ Magnetic Mount
  • Generates no ozone.

Kit includes

  • Mounting brackets and wiring
  • All new ESP3 Electronic Power Supply
  • Front power switch
  • ESP3 System Status Indications
  • Patented UV lamp safety interlock system
  • Premium T3™ UV-C Lamp (12" or 17" length)
  • Remote power supply
  • UV shield
  • EZ Magnetic Mount

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