Your air conditioning compressor plays a significant role in its functionality. However, the component may break down, reducing your AC system’s efficiency. Here are common indicators that suggest your AC compressor in Prairie Creek, FL, is failing:

Tripped Circuit Breaker and High Energy Bills

Your home’s circuit breaker helps to prevent electrical overload and fire outbreaks. Multiple issues can trigger this device.

If you establish that your outdoor unit is the culprit, your AC compressor may be going bad. When the AC compressor is failing, it may draw lots of power, resulting in two things. Your circuit breaker trips and your monthly energy bill shoots up.

Warm Air

Your AC compressor compresses the refrigerant under high pressure, raises its temperature and turns it into gas. The refrigerant, now in a gaseous state, flows to your air conditioner’s outdoor unit and releases excess heat from your indoor air.

The AC system now circulates the cooled air in your living space. Therefore, if your AC compressor is going bad, your air conditioner may be unable to remove heat from your indoor air. As a result, the AC system ends up circulating warm air in your rooms.

Reduced Airflow

A developing AC compressor problem can reduce the air your air conditioner circulates in your home. One of the surest ways to establish whether the airflow has reduced is by placing your hands near a vent.

Ensure you do this while the AC system is running. Scheduling AC maintenance may help to identify a faulty compressor before it deteriorates.

Unusual Sounds

Usually, your air conditioner produces soft sounds when you start it. However, sometimes you may get loud banging noises when you turn on your unit. Several issues may cause these noises, and a compressor failure is part of them.

The compressor could be having difficulties trying to start. This is a sign that the component may fail in the future if you don’t take action. Failing electrical components in the compressor may also cause these noises.

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