The primary purpose of your air conditioning system’s filter is to clean your indoor air. It also prevents particles from collecting inside the air conditioner and inhibiting operation. The filter will clog after a period of trapping dust, dirt and other pollutants. Below are some problems that might occur if you fail to change the dirty air filter in your Grassy Point, FL, home frequently.

Health Issues

Dirty air filters affect not only your comfort but also your health. Since they’re responsible for filtering contaminants, your indoor air will be filthy if your filters are dirty. A clogged will continuously recirculate indoor air pollutants back into your home, causing respiratory illnesses among your loved ones.

Frequent Air Conditioning Repairs

Restriction of airflow by dirty filters stains your AC system’s components, including the blower fan. In addition, these components work harder, which accelerates the process of wear and tear.

That means that you should expect overheating and frequent AC system breakdowns. In the long run, the cost of repairing your air conditioner will be much more than the cost of replacing the filters.

Increased Energy Consumption

Your AC system depends on electricity to keep your home comfortable. And with your clogged filters impeding airflow, your air conditioner will struggle to cool your home.

Furthermore, it takes longer to clean your indoor air, which will lead to more energy consumption. By regularly changing the air filters, you can make your AC system is more energy efficient, and you can lower your monthly energy bills.

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