When you look at the air ducts in your home, do you ever wonder what’s traveling inside them besides air? These aluminum tubes can be conduits for insects and hazardous substances. They also can harbor pounds of dust and debris. Anytime you use your HVAC system for hours on end, you risk suffering allergic reactions and other health problems because dirty ducts circulate polluted air. Let’s delve deeper into this problem so that you’ll better understand how important it is to schedule a cleaning.

The Effects on Your HVAC System

Thousands of particles are sitting inside the ducts. Whether you adjust the thermostat to warm up or cool down your living space, the generated air will send all those particles directly to your bedroom. Some dirt remains in the ducts and on the evaporator coil. The crud builds up even when the system is off. If the coil and the ducts aren’t cleaned properly, minor and irreversible damage can occur to your HVAC system. Many problems may arise, including:

  • Big drop in efficiency and air quality.
  • Ice on coil.
  • Clogged condensate line.

The Impact on Your Health

Dirty ducts are home to many allergens, pet dander and bacteria. If you breathe in any of these pollutants, your ability to stay healthy will be compromised. In fact, everyone in your household can fall victim to respiratory ailments and sinus infections. The longer the air ducts go without a good cleaning, the more vulnerable your family. On a positive note, turning to an experienced HVAC service technician is the first step in addressing an indoor environment problem like this.

Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the dirty ducts will prove to be a beneficial investment, especially if your aim is to keep them from becoming a breeding ground for microbial growth and insects. The EPA recommends that you clean these important parts only as needed. By doing so, you can improve your system’s durability and can enjoy cleaner indoor air. Contact Executive Cooling and Heating to schedule your next duct cleaning or HVAC maintenance service.

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