The last thing you need during a hot summer day in Punta Gorda, Florida, is for your air conditioner to quit working. Unfortunately, too many homeowners ignore the signs of a failing AC system until they’re sweating in their living rooms. Here are three signs that you might need a new AC system:

Rising Utility Costs

Many factors contribute to your utility costs. But if you’ve seen a sudden spike in your costs that hasn’t gone away despite professional maintenance, a failing AC system could be the cause. The closer your cooling system gets to its deathbed, the more difficult it is for it to maintain comfort. As a result, the system will draw more energy attempting to meet your needs. Upgrading your AC system will provide greater energy efficiency, which consequently cuts those high utility costs.

Abnormal Sounds and Smells

Whether it’s your car or your AC system, odd sounds and smells in any piece of machinery are never good. Of course your air conditioner will hum as it runs. But you shouldn’t hear much more than that. Banging and grinding could indicate loose or broken components, while screeching may point you to a worn belt.

Similarly, you should never dismiss odd smells coming from your air conditioner. You may be able to remedy some of these problems with professional maintenance. But if you continue noticing strange sounds and smells after repairs, you’re definitely in need of an upgrade.

Frequent Discomfort

You may have noticed that despite turning down your thermostat, your air conditioner has been consistently ineffective at cooling your home. You may even notice your system running longer than usual, despite your home remaining warm.

If your home remains uncomfortable after maintenance, your system is likely struggling to maintain powerful airflow and efficient operation. Upgrading your system will guarantee that you can stay cool. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about sitting in a hot home.

Upgrade your AC system to cut your utility costs and enjoy greater comfort in your home. To upgrade your air conditioner, call Executive Cooling and Heating at (941) 655-9070.

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