UV light devices are common in hospitals and food processing industries where they disinfect surfaces. These lamps are now common in homes where they disinfect the air that passes through the air conditioning system. Let’s look at some of the benefits these air purification lamps offer to homeowners in North Port, FL.

Kill Pathogens

UV lamps emit potent UV-C, which when absorbed by the DNA molecules of microbes, kills them. It can, therefore, eliminate bacteria and viruses from the air that circulates in your home. The design of these lamps allows them to install near the coils or in the vents to purify the air that leaves the AC system and circulates in your home.

Reduce Allergens and Fight Asthma

The UV light also fights dust mites and microbial contamination the same way it does pathogens. They reduce the effects of these allergens on your respiratory system and fight the symptoms of asthma.

Eliminate Odors

UV light can eliminate airborne contaminates such as volatile organic compounds from the air we breathe. VOCs are in tobacco products, paints, cleaning agents, hairsprays and craft supplies. All the VOCs in these products can enter into the indoor air circulation and cause several health problems such as throat irritation and headaches.

Affordable and Safe Disinfection

The UV light technology is an affordable method of disinfection as there are no costly maintenance costs. Once installed in the HVAC system, the unit operates autonomously.

When installed right, UV lamps don’t pose any risk to you and your family. The lamps have a protective coating that protects you from exposure to UV light. Their case is also strong enough to prevent breakages.

UV lights are now parts of the HVAC system in most homes and businesses, and we can help you install one in yours. Call Executive Cooling and Heating to request our indoor air quality services.

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