You like to get your hands dirty. Why take your car into a mechanic when you can change your oil yourself? Why call a contractor when you can renovate that room just fine on your own? While you should leave much of your HVAC care to professionals here in Punta Gorda, Florida, your system requires some DIY care to continue running smoothly. Supplement professional maintenance and take your energy efficiency into your own hands with these three DIY HVAC care tasks.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC system’s air filter does more than catch dust and other particles. Your filter can also affect your system’s energy efficiency. The more clogged an air filter is, the more restricted the airflow will be, putting more strain on your system. Once a month, you should check your HVAC air filter and if it looks dirty, replace it.

Clean Around Your System

It’s everyone’s favorite task: cleaning. You may not usually think of cleaning as an HVAC care task, but dust, dirt, and debris can hinder HVAC performance, ultimately reducing its life span, increasing your utility costs, and limiting your comfort. While you should let professionals clean the interior of your HVAC system, you can remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the area surrounding your indoor air handler. You should also remove grass, weeds, and other debris around your outdoor condenser unit.

Seal Air Leaks

Your home is likely not as airtight as you may hope, and any air leak can threaten your system’s efficiency by allowing cool, conditioned air to escape the home while warm air enters. Air leaks can be difficult to spot, but you can sometimes find them around windows and doors by looking for excess dust and dirt or for light bleeding through between doors and frames. Seal those leaks by laying fresh caulk around windows and placing weatherstripping around doors. Insulating unfinished areas of your home, such as your attic, can seal more leaks.

Caring for your HVAC system isn’t a one-man job; it requires a blend of home care and professional maintenance. To schedule professional HVAC maintenance from a member of our team, call Executive Cooling and Heating at (941) 655-9070.

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