If you notice a change in your energy level or respiratory symptoms at home, there’s a chance you’re struggling with poor air quality. Depending on your air filtration and ventilation, your indoor air could be more polluted than the air outside. Here are four health and HVAC problems dirty air creates for homeowners in Punta Gorda, FL, and ways to prevent them:

Higher Monthly Energy Costs

With more contaminants in your indoor air, your HVAC filter will fill up faster. Limited airflow will force your system to work much harder to provide a consistent temperature, raising energy consumption. Debris within the system can also wear down various internal parts, causing further strain and damage.

Worsened Allergy Symptoms

Certain pollutants can irritate your eyes, throat and nasal passages. Exposure to dust, pollen and dander may also worsen existing conditions, such as allergies and asthma, for household members. They may frequently struggle with coughing, sneezing or feeling fatigued.

Irregular Humidity Levels

Ideally, your home should have a relative humidity level between 30% and 60%. Allowing your humidity to get too high can result in biological growth, excessive dust mites and more pests around the home. Use a dehumidifier to balance your home’s humidity. As a result, you’ll prevent excess moisture from impacting your health and comfort.

Unexpected HVAC System Breakdowns

When your air quality gets bad enough, you may have to deal with irreversible damage to your HVAC system. Leaving a clogged filter in place for too long can lead to internal overheating. Your blower motor may burn out or melt vital wires, requiring you to consider expensive HVAC repairs or a full replacement.

The quality of your indoor air plays a significant role in everything from your heating and cooling to your family’s well-being. Contact us at Executive Cooling and Heating for indoor air quality care by our knowledgeable service technicians in Punta Gorda, FL.

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