The quality of the air produced by an HVAC system is just as important as the comfort it provides. Biological contaminants, and pathogens can make people sick in Punta Gorda, FL. However, a UV light air cleaning system ensures the air moving through a house isn’t just the right temperature but also healthy to breathe. Here’s a look at how a UV light air cleaning system works.

UV Light Kills Pathogens

A UV light system uses a powerful ultraviolet (UV) light bulb placed inside a duct near the air handler to irradiate the air moving through the ducts of a home. UV light kills airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses, making the home’s air cleaner when it reaches the vents. This can help keep the occupants of the house feel healthier than they would have otherwise been.

UV Light Doesn’t Affect Other Air Contaminants

UV light doesn’t affect other contaminants like dust, pollen or smoke. This is why a UV light air cleaning system also typically includes a powerful filter or an oxidation system to trap those remaining contaminants. Used in tandem, UV light and a filtration system can ensure that a house’s air are as clean as possible.

UV Light Systems With Ionization Provide Superior Results

A UV Light filtration system with ionization uses UV light to kill pathogens as well as an ionized metal core to attract the dead pathogens and other contaminants, reducing the load on the HVAC system’s filter. These systems, like the Air Knight and Bio-Fighter, offer healthy air with minimal system maintenance.

For healthier air, consider adding a UV light air cleaning system to your home today. Call us at Executive Cooling and Heating for more information about these systems. We’re here to help you avoid feeling sick inside your home.

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