Your air conditioner aims to keep you cool and eliminate excessive humidity in your indoor air. You can pair some additions with your system to increase comfort and reduce cooling costs. Here are HVAC add-ons you can consider for your North Port, FL, home:

Air Knight Purification System

This air purification system uses a quint-metallic core and UV light to create a robust solution to clean your indoor air. The UV light and five-metal core make ionic oxidizers that eliminate contaminants in your indoor air that may harm you and your family.

The oxidizers then convert to hydrogen and oxygen molecules once they complete their purification task. The Air Knight Purification system requires minimal maintenance to run optimally.

Bio Fighter Air Purifiers

The Bio Fighter air purifier is an effective solution that keeps you and your family safe by safeguarding your health. The air purifier ensures you’re safe by sanitizing your indoor air and destroying harmful bacteria and viruses. This air purifier uses UV light to complete its work effectively.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors protect motor-driven appliances like your air conditioner from power surges. A service technician will install an effective surge protector, such as SurgeShield, on your electric meter.

This device comes in handy, especially if your area experiences lightning. It protects your appliances from power surges that may occur as a result of lightning. It also comes with a $5,000 limited warranty for every appliance, per year, per occurrence.

UV Lamps

UV lights use a special light at the ultraviolet spectrum’s end. These lights come in handy in destroying pathogens and allergens that interfere with your indoor air quality. Your service technician will fix these lights in your HVAC unit to kill biological contaminants that may try to grow on your system’s coil and drain pan.

If you’re not sure which HVAC add-on to add to your home, contact Executive Cooling and Heating for quality air conditioning services and advice. We have multiple years in the industry; hence we will assess your home and develop the most viable solution.

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