It’s inconvenient to deal with an HVAC system problem when you need it most during the hot and humid summer months. Failing to perform regular maintenance can shorten the life and functionality of your HVAC system. The following are some important HVAC maintenance tips to keep you cool and prevent summer breakdowns at your home in Charlotte Park, FL:

Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

When dirt and debris clog your air filter, air struggles to move through your HVAC system. The system then consumes more energy to cool your home. Contaminants can also get into the ducts and settle on the filter, which could compromise your indoor air quality.

The best way to avoid this problem and ensure the efficiency of your system is to change your air filter every month or two. An HVAC professional can change your air filter during a maintenance visit.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

When you clip shrubs and trees in your yard, some of the clippings could find their way into the housing of your air conditioner. Fallen leaves left over from winter can also clog the outdoor unit. Its efficiency then decreases as it requires proper airflow to function well.

Trim down or move any plants around the unit and clean out any debris. It’s a good idea to keep anything large away from the unit to avoid blocking airflow. If the unit is especially dirty, ask a professional to clean it during an inspection.

Check the Air Vents

The airflow in your home’s HVAC system is set to balance based on the configuration and size of each room. Blocked or closed vents can disrupt the system’s balance, resulting in inconsistent heating and cooling.

Check your home’s vents and ensure that they’re open and clear from furniture or other objects. Air will then flow more easily through all of the vents, resulting in improved performance and airflow. If you notice any problems with the vents, ask a professional to take a look.

Executive Cooling and Heating offers HVAC preventive maintenance to keep your comfort levels high and costs low. Contact us today for AC repair, installation or preventive maintenance.

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