Your sleep quality affects every aspect of your life, from your health and productivity to your happiness levels. Aside from obvious culprits like excess caffeine consumption and screen time before bed, others like the HVAC system in your Charlotte, FL, home have the potential to wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. In this article, learn how your HVAC system may be to blame for your poor sleep.

Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality causes dry and itchy skin and irritated throats and nasal passages. This is especially so for those who are already prone to issues like allergies and asthma. To combat this, shop the market for a quality air purification solution, whether it’s a whole-home system or a smaller unit just for the bedroom.

Noise Level

An HVAC system that hums all night long is an interruption to sleep. Increasing noise levels, especially if accompanied by grinding or banging noises, signify the need for HVAC repairs. If you’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary over the past few months, schedule a visit from a comfort specialist to inspect the system for damage.

Humidity Imbalance

High humidity levels make you sweat, feel sticky and toss and turn instead of sleep. Low levels, on the other hand, create a dry environment that keep you coughing at night instead of resting. Aim to balance your home’s humidity between 40% and 60%.


Temperature ties right into humidity levels when it comes to home comfort and the ability to get a restful night of sleep. The optimal temperature for humans to sleep is around 65 degrees, making it important for you to have both a well-functioning HVAC system. A programmable thermostat that lowers the temp for you each night to prepare your body for sleep is also a great idea.

Proper maintenance work is key to keeping your HVAC system running well so that you can sleep deeply. If you haven’t yet scheduled your spring HVAC tuneup, give Executive Cooling and Heating a call. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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