The beginning of June brings about more than warm weather, days at the beach and a wave of tourists to Riverwood, FL. Hurricane season also begins. When you’re finalizing your storm season prep plan, be sure that you’re putting plans in place to protect your HVAC system. Here are three tips to help:

Invest in a Cover

Obviously, you can’t put a cover on your HVAC system and leave it there all year around. However, you should have a storm cover on hand so you can quickly cover your HVAC system covered when a storm passes through the area. These covers can help protect your HVAC system from flying material.

Strap Your HVAC System Down

Your HVAC system’s outdoor component already rests on a pad or platform of some kind. Depending on the strength of a hurricane that comes into our area, winds may pick up or push your HVAC system, creating the need for major AC repairs or replacement. To help prevent this, you should be sure to have hurricane tie-down straps on hand to help attach your unit to the ground. Remember to raise it to prevent flooding damage, too.

Clear the Area

During hurricane season, it’s not uncommon for smaller storms to blow through the area, leaving debris, sticks and other items all over your yard. You should regularly walk around your property so you can remove any items that could potentially damage your outdoor unit. It’s worth pointing out that you should also move lawn chairs and other outdoor furniture that could blow into your system and damage it.

After a hurricane, you should have one of our service technicians check your HVAC system to ensure that everything still works. Call Executive Cooling and Heating today to find out more about our services.

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