Like all mechanical appliances, heat pumps experience problems from time to time. Issues such as not turning on or not cooling down after use are some of the problems you may face with your system. Below are common heat pump problems residents in South Venice, FL, experience.

Not Turning On

Several issues could lead to your heat pump not turning on. A thermostat problem is one such issue. If you set it to provide heat at a particular time, but it doesn’t work, this means there’s a possible calibration error.

Other possible issues are a tripped power breaker, a broken reversing valve or a broken starter capacitor. Such problems contribute to your heat pump not switching on. If the system doesn’t turn on, we recommend that you schedule HVAC repairs.

Not Producing Enough Heat

If you notice that your home remains relatively cold even though your heat pump is producing hot air, it’s not working as it should. Such problems emanate from several factors such as air filters or ducts having a buildup of dirt. In such a case, you can replace your air filters and contact a professional to clean your ductwork.

Additionally, low levels of refrigerant lead to insufficient heating. A heat pump leak lowers the level of refrigerant, which prevents the transfer of heat into your home.

Making Too Much Noise

If you notice loud grinding and squealing noises from your heat pump, that’s a big problem. Short motor bearings produce such sounds, and you need to contact a service technician and schedule repairs. Other noises that may alert you to a problem include:

  • Metal noise from the heating ducts.
  • Rattling from the cover panel.
  • Pinging sounds from thermal expansion.

Outdoor Unit Ices Up

In winter, it’s common to see layers of frost on the outdoor unit. However, under normal conditions, your heat pump goes into defrost mode and eliminates the ice. If this doesn’t happen, the ice quickly builds up and can cause damage.

Ice could also get into the coils and damage the fan blades and fins. When such a problem develops, contact your service technician right away.

It’s always advisable to check your heat pump for any problems to prevent system failures. Contact Executive Cooling and Heating for HVAC maintenance service. Our team will help you resolve any heating problem.

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