You thought you were prepared for this summer in Punta Gorda, Florida. But for some reason, your home feels warmer than usual, despite your thermostat remaining at its usual setting. Problems in your ductwork may be to blame. Keep an eye out for these three symptoms of ductwork problems to keep them from harming your comfort and budget:

Higher Utility Bills

If your utility bills are consistently rising despite your HVAC usage remaining the same, ductwork problems may be to blame. Leaks and clogs in your ducts can force your cooling system to strain to maintain comfort in the home. That strain reduces energy efficiency, wastes power and increases utility costs.

Strange Sounds

Whether it’s your car or your HVAC system, odd sounds coming from machinery are never a good sign. When you have a leak in your ducts, you may hear whines, hisses or screeching as the air escapes through that hole. You may also notice your duct system rattling and shaking. That could be due to a clogged filter, which causes a pressure drop that leads to those sounds. If you’re hearing bangs from your ducts, they were likely installed too close to pipes, studs and walls. Therefore, it’s important to have your ductwork inspected and adjusted by a trained professional.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

An air leak or clog in your ducts can allow hazardous particles to circulate through your home. As a result, it may let in more contaminants from outside. Poor indoor air quality can be difficult to notice, especially if you’re used to having a runny nose thanks to allergies. But you can often identify a drop in air quality by watching for more dust accumulation around your home or higher energy bills.

These signs point to serious ductwork problems that can impact your comfort, wallet and health. To have your ducts checked and repaired today, call Executive Cooling and Heating at (941) 655-9070.

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