As temperatures rise, your air conditioner becomes a vital piece of equipment in your Deep Creek, FL, home. What are the indications that you need to get in touch with professionals for an immediate AC repair? Watch out for these three signs:

Frequent On and Off Cycling

Although the air conditioner should turn on and off automatically based on the thermostat settings, it shouldn’t do so frequently. If your AC system runs almost continuously, it may require some maintenance. The issue may be with the thermostat rather than the AC system.

Neglecting the problem can increase energy costs and cause undue strain on the AC system. If you notice your air conditioner cycling on and off frequently without a significant change in your home’s comfort level, schedule an appointment for AC repair services.

Excessive Indoor Humidity

An air conditioner offers the benefit of regulating indoor humidity, even during hot and humid weather. The recommended indoor humidity range falls between 30% to 50%. Exceeding this level can lead to an uncomfortable and spores-prone environment.

If you notice excessive moisture on your skin indoors, it may be time to seek emergency AC repair services. Conversely, excessively low humidity can pose issues like eye and sinus irritation. It’s crucial to maintain optimal indoor humidity for a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Strange Odors

Unusual odors emanating from your home could indicate an underlying problem with your AC system. Dirt, debris or biological contaminants may have accumulated in your ductwork, affecting the system’s performance and indoor air quality. If you ignore the odors, this could eventually result in a system breakdown as well as health issues, such as asthma or allergy-like symptoms.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, scheduling an AC repair right away is crucial. Don’t let a minor issue turn into a major headache! Contact Executive Cooling and Heating to learn about our AC maintenance plan and keep your home comfortable all year round.

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