The daytime temperatures in Punta Gorda, Florida, have been breaking the 80-degree mark for months. As a result, most homeowners have already started relying on their air conditioners for comfort. Although the spring in Florida is essentially the summer everywhere else, it’s never too late to care for your HVAC equipment. With that said, here are four spring cleaning tasks that help homeowners in Florida improve efficiency and save money:

Dust the Ceiling Fans

Believe it or not, your ceiling fans don’t produce cool air. Instead, they produce a wind chill effect when the blades rotate in the counterclockwise direction, making you feel comfortably cool. Start spring cleaning by adjusting your ceiling fans and dusting them clean with a moist cloth.

Change the HVAC Filter

Your ceiling fans make you feel cooler without you needing to turn down the thermostat. As a result, they help reduce strain on your AC system. If you don’t change your HVAC filter every 30 to 90 days, you’ll negate the effects of your ceiling fans and increase that strain. A clean HVAC filter also helps prevent your indoor air quality from worsening.

Clear the Condensate Drain

Changing the HVAC filter and clearing the condensate drain line are two HVAC maintenance tasks every homeowner can complete. A clogged condensate drain line can cause a number of issues, one of which includes ice forming around the AC coils and severely damaging the system. To clean the condensate drain line, pour a cup of bleach in the access opening near the AC system. To clear it from blockages, use a shop vac on where the line drains outside.

Schedule AC Maintenance

If you’re hesitant about clearing your air conditioner’s condensate drain, entrust a professional. When you schedule AC maintenance, a service technician will ensure your air conditioner is ready to handle summer’s workload.

Have you performed spring AC maintenance yet? If not, let Executive Cooling and Heating help you take care of the system that takes care of your comfort. Call us today at (941) 655-9070 to schedule an appointment.

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