Like the majority of HVAC systems, your heat pump has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. However, your system will experience premature aging without proper maintenance, which could make it last for less than a decade. Below are three steps you should take to extend your heat pump’s lifespan and keep using it for as long as possible in Port Charlotte, FL.

Clean the Air Filters and Fins

Heat pumps installed in coastal areas have a shorter lifespan due to salt exposure. This buildup in the coils also affects the general performance of the heat pump, causing restricted movement of conditioned air. The heat pump will work two times harder to deliver the desired temperature in the home, causing the premature breakdown of the unit.

Dust, debris and plants growing near the heat pump will also affect its performance and efficiency. Plants should be at least 18 inches away from the unit to ensure an efficient flow of air. Frequently having the coils of the heat pump cleaned if you live in a coastal area will make the unit run efficiently.

You should have the defrost cycle running to remove ice buildup in the coils and clean and replace the air filters and fins found on the condenser. During HVAC maintenance, the comfort specialists will use a rag or a hose to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Install a Properly Sized Unit

Besides environmental factors, the size of the heat pump is essential to maintain the efficiency and performance of the system. A unit that’s too small will work twice as hard to provide comfortable temperatures in the home. However, a unit that’s too large will run in short cycles to provide the desired room temperature.

Hiring a comfort specialist to install the heat pump in the home will help avoid these issues. They will look at the size of your home to determine the correct size of the heat pump. Replace a larger or smaller unit with the appropriately sized one to realize its efficiency.

Ensure Proper Insulation

Leaks and cracks in your home will affect the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. Faulty insulation will make the heat pump work twice as hard to deliver the desired temperatures, increasing wear and tear.

You should contact a professional to check for any leaks or cracks in your walls. They will use unique insulation material to insulate these weak spots. If you reside in Port Charlotte, FL, contact Executive Cooling and Heating today for all your HVAC installation, maintenance and repair service needs.

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