Mini-split HVAC systems help achieve zoned heating and air conditioning in homes without using centralized ductwork. It would help if you learned how to avoid common problems with a mini-split system, identify the symptoms and troubleshoot them correctly. The following are ways to troubleshoot a ductless mini-split system in Punta Gorda, FL.

Remote Controller Not Working

If you notice a problem with the remote controller, check the batteries. Your controller may also fail to respond if something is blocking the receiver. Ensure that you check the batteries regularly since they might leak or corrode, and replace them at least once a year.

If you notice a problem with the system, such as a burning smell, disconnect the power supply or turn off the electrical breaker. It would help if you run a complete cycle after either cooling or heating to ensure that the system is working as it should.

Troubleshooting your mini-split may require basic HVAC and electrical knowledge. Ensure that your system is off before you do any work. Contact a professional if you aren’t sure how to fix the mini-split unit.

Poor Performance in Heating and Cooling Modes

An insufficient refrigerant level may result in reduced performance and efficiency. Although the mini-splits come pre-charged with refrigerant, sometimes you may need to have a professional add more. Symptoms of low coolant in your system include the unit working without the two modes, noises and icing of coils over indoor units.

Excess refrigerant may result in the unit not turning on, unstable temperatures and noisy operation. Ensure that the intake grill and air filters are clean.

Dirty Vents or Filters

Dust and dirt often find their way into your HVAC system as air is being drawn in for cooling and heating. Dirt and dust build up inside the vents and filter over time, resulting in reduced efficiency.

Change the air filters regularly. If you notice a significant clog, contact an HVAC professional.

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