The first thing you’ll most likely do if the air conditioner goes out in your home in Punta Gordon, Florida, is call an HVAC repair technician. While a breakdown is the most common reason for scheduling a repair, it isn’t the only one. Here’s when you should place a service call for your AC system:

The AC System Stops Working

When your air conditioning stops turning on, it’s an obvious sign that something is wrong. There a a number of issues that can cause this:

  • Electrical problems
  • Thermostat issues
  • Malfunctioning parts

You Notice a Burning Smell

A burning smell almost always a bad sign. It usually indicates that you have a dangerous problem with your air conditioner’s electrical wiring. If this occurs, contact an HVAC specialist immediately. Don’t attempt to fix this issue on your own because your can risk injury or even death.

You Hear Screeching Noises

A screeching noise in your air conditioning system can signal a major or a minor problem. The noise may simply be the result of a damaged fan belt, which a professional should replace but doesn’t pose any imminent danger.

The other concern is a compressor that’s operating under extreme pressure. If this is the case, shut down the power to your system and contact an HVAC specialist for an urgent repair.

The Airflow Has Become Poor

While poor airflow isn’t an emergency, you’ll need to address this problem to prevent decreased efficiency. Otherwise, you’ll incur a catastrophic energy bill. Less airflow could be caused by clogging in the system or leaking ductwork. A professional can diagnose and repair the issue.

Don’t let a minor repair become a major problem with your AC system. If you notice any of the signs listed above, contact the air conditioning specialists at Executive Cooling and Heating at (941) 655-9070 today. We’ll make sure your AC system is in good working order.

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