When you begin noticing issues with your home’s comfort, you’ll want to first check your thermostat in case a family member changed the settings. Don’t panic if you find your device’s screen is blank, as this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. These are a couple of the most common causes of a blank smart thermostat screen in Burnt Store Isles, FL:

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Occasionally, a strong electrical surge can leave your circuit breaker tripped. If your thermostat isn’t responsive, check your panel for blown fuses or tripped circuits. While it’s not uncommon to trip a breaker occasionally, this can become a more serious issue if it occurs frequently or without explanation.

Dead Batteries

Thermostats without common wires have to pull their power from batteries. A blank screen could mean your batteries are dead and need replacing. This problem is often easy to catch early as most models display a low-battery signal before they turn off.

Loose Wires

The wires inside your thermostat can become loose over time if the device is in a popular room of the home with a lot of vibrations. These devices can also accumulate damage from pesky rodents or old age. For the safety of your household and comfort, it’s best to leave all repairs to experts trained to work with electricity.

Too-Old Thermostat

If you have a thermostat older than 10 to 15 years, you may unfortunately require a replacement. These devices won’t last forever and can start negatively impacting your energy efficiency and temperature control as they age. Installing a modern thermostat can give you access to helpful perks like Wi-Fi connectivity, better setting control, service alerts and more.

Rather than attempt to fix your thermostat and potentially cause more issues, you can instead leave this concern to trained HVAC professionals. Call Executive Cooling and Heating for unparalleled residential indoor comfort services in Burnt Store Isles, FL.

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