A lot of people these days are talking about geothermal heat pumps. What exactly is this type of heat pump, and is it worth investing in? If you’re thinking about adding a heat pump to your home, there are plenty of benefits to love. From enhanced efficiency to lower energy bills, installing a geothermal heat pump in your Grassy Point, Florida, home is an excellent choice to make.

Lasts Longer Than a Traditional HVAC System

A geothermal heat pump uses heat from the earth to heat and cool your home. It only consumes electricity on an as-needed basis, which gives it the ability to heat and cool your home without running up your energy bills.

Geothermal technology has been around for many decades. But it has only recently started to take traction in the HVAC industry. Having this type of heat pump installed is a great choice because it tends to outlast a traditional HVAC system.

Reduces the Need for Costly Repairs

A geothermal heat pump removes the higher temperature differential. As a result, the unit endures much less wear and tear when compared to a regular air conditioner or furnace. Furthermore, operational stress is minimal because it uses less energy to heat and cool your home. This translates to fewer repairs. Over an extended period of time, fewer repairs mean less money out of your pocket.

Compatible With Zoned Heating and Cooling

Do you have certain rooms in your home that tend to stay unoccupied? If so, having a geothermal heat pump installed can be of the utmost value because it allows you to take advantage of zoned heating and cooling. You can set the system to distribute air into the rooms or floors of the home that are regularly occupied rather than having to heat and cool the whole home. As a result, you’ll save energy and money.

Executive Cooling and Heating specializes in quality residential HVAC services. Contact us at (941) 655-9070 to learn more about geothermal energy.

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