Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. You may not be using your smart thermostat in Punta Gorda, FL, as efficiently as you could. Here are some tips for using smart thermostats efficiently so that you can save even more money:

Set the Proper Temperature

One of the best features of a smart thermostat is the ability to program it based on your schedule. You can set it to feel cooler when you’re home and awake and warmer when you’re asleep or out of the house. This will help improve indoor air quality and save money on energy bills.

Use Sunblock

If you live in a sunny climate, you can use sunblock to keep your home cool. It works by reflecting the sun’s rays away from your house so that it doesn’t get as warm. This can keep your home cooler without having to use the air conditioner as much.

Pick the Right Location

Smart thermostats operate well in a central location in your home. The location allows them to sense your home’s temperature and adjust accordingly more accurately. Poor placement can lead to inaccurate readings and wasted energy. Don’t install your smart thermostat near sunny areas or heat-generating appliances.

Remote Control

Smart thermostats offer homeowners the option of adjusting their home’s temperature remotely. Don’t forget to take advantage of this feature if you forget to turn your air conditioner off when you leave for vacation. Customizing your climate control can help you save a lot of energy and money.

Smart thermostats can save you money on your energy bill, but only if you use them correctly. If you’re unsure how to use your smart thermostat, contact Executive Cooling and Heating for proper installation services. We can help you get the most out of your smart thermostat and save you money.

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