Keeping the HVAC system in your Punta Gorda, Florida, home running is critical to preserving comfort throughout the winter months. One way to help to keep your system humming, reduce the risk of breakdown and lower your monthly utility bills is by scheduling regular maintenance. Check out some of the ways that a maintenance agreement can keep your system running smoothly and save you money.

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

One of the best ways that annual maintenance can save you money is by helping your system to run more efficiently. During your maintenance visit, your HVAC service technician will clean all of the components and check for airflow restrictions. By maximizing airflow, your system won’t have to work as hard to get your home to the right temperature.

Fewer Repair Costs

During your maintenance visit, your HVAC service technician will thoroughly inspect all of the components and parts of your system to ensure that they’re working properly. If they notice wear on any parts, they will discuss the repair options with you. By catching these smaller problems earlier, you’ll prevent large problems from occurring, such as damage to other components. You also will be at less risk for emergency service calls.

A Longer System Life

Your HVAC system is designed to operate for a long time. By staying on top of repairs, keeping your system running more efficiently and ensuring you have proper airflow, your system will go through less strain and stress. An overworked system can have a significantly shorter lifespan than one that is properly and regularly maintained. By keeping up with maintenance, you can expect your HVAC system to reach its intended life cycle.

Ready to set up your maintenance agreement? Contact us at (941) 655-9070. Executive Cooling and Heating will get your system inspected, cleaned and operating efficiently again.

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