You might find it deeply bizarre to see an air conditioning system freeze up during springtime, especially in a place like Burnt Store Isles, FL. Nevertheless, ice sometimes does form on air conditioners, and this can compromise functioning. Let us arm you with some important information by giving you a few reasons layers of ice might suddenly appear on your AC system.

Weak Airflow in Your AC System

Refrigerant arrives at your AC system’s evaporator coil at the beginning of each of its cooling cycles. At that moment, the refrigerant will be very cold, and contact with warmer air will be what forces it to evaporate. However, if airflow through your AC system is poor, that warm air may not be there when you need it, in which case the refrigerant may make your evaporator coil so cold that any lingering condensation may freeze and eventually form a block of ice.

Many things may cause weak airflow in your AC system, but dirty or old air filters are perhaps the most frequent culprits. Accumulated debris on the mesh of the filters may actually keep air from moving at the required rate. Therefore, you must remember to change your AC system’s air filters at least once every 90 days.

Low Refrigerant Levels

This may seem counterintuitive, but low refrigerant levels indeed are frequent causes of ice buildup in air conditioners. If refrigerant leaks out of your AC system, the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant that remains will drop. The lower temperature of the refrigerant means that it’s more likely to freeze whatever it comes into contact with.

This is one more reason it’s important to ask HVAC comfort specialists to replace any refrigerant that your AC system loses. They can do this as part of either repair or maintenance services.

Broken Fans or Blower Motors

Your air conditioning fan’s main functions are to pull in warm air from your home and push cold air into your home. If the fans and the motors that power them break, they won’t be able to suck in warm air, which will make the AC system’s interior colder.

Luckily, AC system ice buildup is preventable. Call Executive Cooling and Heating to request our AC repair services today.

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